AE Series Large Displays

Time Switches
Digit Sizes AP21 (41k) or AP21LV (38k)




 Master Clocks


Counters (Opt 230 & 483) (48k)    MC41LV (35k) or MC81LV (36k)
Remote Display Opt 349 (17k)


Elapsed/Run Time Accumulator Opt 373 (25k)
Time Zone Clock Opt 388 (64k)

System Clock/Calendar

Multifunction Clock/Timer (26k)

AE21 Controller (27k)

 ATS System Clocks (85k)

NF21 Call System (118k)

 8 and 12 Inch System Clocks (83k)

  ANC818 1.8" Digit Clock/Calendar (44k)

Day Counter (10k)

  ANC2340 4" Digit Clock/Calendar (62k)

Auto Reset Elapsed Timer Opt 412A (10k)



   Day Counters  


Clock/Bell System & Accessories

Special Enclosures


Production Monitors

 F-BZ51-24A1 Horn Assy. (52k)


 Remote Switch Panels

 CC Series Clocks
CC184 1.8" Digital Clock (314k)
CC186 1.8" Digital Clock (42k)
CC2000 4" Digital Clock (66k)
   STD Timers


  Custom Displays
  Stand-Alone Clock/Timers
  Alpha-Numeric Displays

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